Check Out What Comes Out!

semen in handIt’s always nice to find a really good reason to encourage masturbation. The mental, emotional, and sexual benefits have long been known by most sexologists. But just last week, I was reminded of another very, very good reason for men to masturbate.

I was at a big event with friends. One of my guy friends came up to me, looked around and whispered, “Can I talk to you for a second?”

I love it when this happens. First, it means the conversation is finally going to become interesting. Second, it means that this person is taking a real risk and is going to be totally honest for a moment. “Sure,” I said.

“I was jacking off last night and blood came out.” He was scared. Who wouldn’t be? I pulled him into a quieter corner and asked him to tell me exactly what it looked like. Was there pain? Had he injured himself recently? Rough sex? First time it had ever happened? What about blood in urine?

I didn’t want to tell him that I was a little concerned too. Blood in semen is not a common event. It could be nothing. It could be prostatitis. It could be anything. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to be much help. But I did call one of the urologists I have worked with and got him an appointment the next day. It ended being nothing to worry about.

But it reminded me again that we always need to be aware of what’s going on in our bodies as well as what’s coming out. Urine, feces, snot, ear wax, and even semen can all be clues to what’s going on inside our body.

I remember watching the movie, “The Last Emperor” and the young prince would defecate into a bowl and the court ministers would all sniff it to make sure he was healthy. It was kind of gross, actually, but occasionally examining what comes out of our bodies is a great habit to have – and that includes cum.

After all, if you’re masturbating, it’s pretty easy to do, and maybe you’re doing it already and not even realizing it! It does seem guys love to watch themselves cum. Take a moment every now and then to examine it. Sniff it. Even taste it!

A few years ago, I had an online conversation with a minister who bragged that he had never masturbated and that his wife had been the delighted recipient of every drop of semen he had produced since his wedding night. For some reason I found that concept revolting at several levels. It seemed to me as if his wife was, at times, almost a sexual spittoon. It also seems an awful responsibility to place on someone – making them the sole repository of your cum. It also bothered me that from his point of view, that was her job.

But I finally have the answer to WHY that behavior is not without risks. That man had not seen his cum in 40 years. He could have had bloody semen for years and never known it.

So, take care of your sexual health. Every now and then, examine your cum.

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