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3 Tips for Keeping Your Penis in Shape!

penis workoutFor some reason, in our culture, we tend to treat the penis as if it is not a fully integrated part of the male body. We seem to get annoyed if it doesn’t work just right even if we have been ignoring it, abusing it, or starving it! All the rules that apply to overall physical fitness, health, and nutrition apply to the reproductive system as much as to any other part of the body.

Most men tend to ignore their penis when it comes to physical fitness.  The penis and its surrounding organs and glands need regular care and exercise just like any other part of the body. Incorporate these three habits into your weekly routine and you will see almost immediate improvement in your erectile strength, durability, and ejaculation control.

It is highly unrealistic to think that after a week of ignoring your penis, it’s going to function perfectly well when you try to use it. Imagine using your arm once or twice a week; it would quickly atrophy to an almost useless appendage.


If you remember nothing else, always remember that whatever is good for your heart is good for your penis. Good blood pressure, low blood sugar, low cholesterol, and low stress all benefit your penis.

The arteries in your penis that fill with blood are microscopic and easily get clogged with blood gunk long before other arteries do. Anything that hardens or weakens blood vessel walls will destroy the flexibility needed to expand with an erection. Stress closes off blood flow and also floods your system with adrenaline; these will both kill boners. Insulin resistance, caused by high blood sugar, will prevent Nitric-Oxide production, a key chemical in creating erections. A strong heart, healthy diet, and regular exercise are the first step to a healthy penis.


Pelvic Floor Muscles are probably the most overlooked muscles in the human body – especially among men. Weak Pelvic Floor Muscles lead to back ache, bowel issues, urinary issues, erectile dysfunction, hemorrhoids (especially in weight lifters), and groin pain. Physical fitness buffs are notorious for having weak Pelvic Floor Muscles.

When these muscles are weak, they can easily cramp and go into spasm. In men, this is called Chronic Prostatitis (even though it has nothing to do with your prostate). The real name for this condition is Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome (CPPS). This condition is probably the most misdiagnosed condition in men’s health today. Many of my patients have been to dozens of doctors who all missed the cause of their problems. Treatment consists of Physical Therapy and lifestyle modifications.

Strong Pelvic Floor Muscles support the interior base of the penis and help control the angle of the erection. These muscles help trap the blood in the penis for stronger erections; in fact, these muscles are solely responsible for trapping the blood in the erectile tissue that makes up the head of the penis. These muscles are what help engorge the head of the penis right before ejaculation. Pelvic Floor Muscles also help with ejaculation control.

Kegel exercises are how pelvic floor muscles are strengthened and toned.  Kegels have long been recommended for women, but they are just as important for men. The exercises consist of clenching the muscles that stop urine flow as well as pulling the anus up into the body. The Private Gym ( is the first program for men developed just for these muscles!  At first, it might be challenging. But quickly, you will find it easy. You can do these exercises anywhere at any time during the day.


Masturbation is like going to the gym for your penis. Of course, only good masturbation is good for your penis! The two-minute-quickie is actually really counterproductive to good erectile health.

You will be amazed that once you start training, how much more pleasurable masturbation becomes, and best of all, how much better partnered sex becomes! Masturbation as physical therapy requires a good lubricant (I recommend Coconut Oil), time, and a good workout technique.

At least twice a week, set aside 30-45 minutes for penile physical therapy. Take time to stretch out, warm up your whole body with a quick self-massage, then gradually begin to focus on your penis, stretching it gently, massaging it before it gets erect. Stimulate the entire pelvic region. Don’t just do the usual fist-pump technique, but change how you touch your penis frequently. Keep strokes slow and controlled.

The process of getting close to climax and then avoiding it is called ‘edging’.  Do at least three-four cycles of edging before ejaculating. This point of super engorgement is where you want your penis to learn to hang out; it gets the best blood flow during this stage. This practice also improves ejaculation control.

After you climax, don’t be in a rush to clean up and start your day. Continue to stimulate to see how long you can wring pleasurable sensations out of your body. Enjoy the feeling of tranquility and calm. Try to revisit that peaceful state throughout the rest of your day.

Masturbation like this is not ‘getting your rocks off’ but is an intentional exercise and workout of your reproductive system. This habit will enhance partnered sex dramatically!

All exercise regimes require commitment and diligence to work. Most guys find that masturbating is something they are already doing, so it is just a matter of improving the experience. Kegels can be done anywhere, so they should be easy to squeeze in. Cardio work should be part of every man’s life already – whether it is a pick-up game of basketball or running miles a week.

Try these simple additions to your physical and sexual workout and reap the rewards to a well-maintained reproductive system!